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43,000 Giga Bytes per Day! OMG! What Does This Mean To You?

    A recent advertisement by IBM explained that the collective creative output of all machines and humans is now producing 43,000 Giga Bytes of data each and every day.

    Every Day!

    Some way or somehow we have to make sense of all these data. Producing all these data for data's sake is no real advantage for our society. We have to turn the data into knowledge and we have to be able to find the knowledge that is important to us when we need it.

    This is where the search engines come in.

    The search engines are our key to success with all these data.

    If we did not have search engines and relied on the old fashion way of organizing data and information then we would not be able to take full advantage of this significant collective body knowledge.

    There are lots of people
    creating lots of content!

    What does this mean to you and your business?

    First, you have to have a base understanding of how search engines work so that you can have greater access to this wonderful and expanding body of knowledge. You also need to have an understanding so that you will know how to position your online information so that it has a good chance of getting in front of the people that are looking for it.

    Your online information may mean your website content or it may mean your new video or article. It may mean knowledge of your special offer on your new product. It may mean knowledge of your business expansion. Remember that information about your products and services is valuable to your clients and probable clients. You owe it to them and to you to get it as high up in search engine position as possible.

    If you receive high search position for keyword phrases that people use to search for your products of services then you will be putting your business in a position to be presented to a probable client just when they are searching for you.

    This is a very significant advantage when it comes to closing business. If your product or service is worth researching then it is important to the searcher as well. It is not good enough to simply produce the product or service you have to make information about your product or service available to search engine searchers.


    1. Gain an understanding of the factors that influence the search engine decision on position. This will include gaining knowledge on both on-site and off-site factors.
    2. Use the power of off-site linking to gain a special advantage over your competitors that are not using this tactic. Also, you will level the playing field against the competitors that use linking.
    3. Set up collaborative relationship with people that your refer business to that will lead to getting links from their website back to your website which will be links based on important keyword phrases.
    4. Avoid giving a link to get a link.
    5. Monitor your position and expand your keyword list over time.

    Next Step:

    If you would like Website Link Tactics to help you to get links (this is off-site optimization) into your website that are keyword-based and embedded in paragraphs with text related to your business then give us a call.

    We will be happy to discuss how linking can help boost up your position in the search engines and help to drive targeted traffic to your website.

    Also, you can simply fill out the form on our Inquiry Page and we will get back to you shortly.

    Printable Version: 43000 Giga Bytes (PDF).

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