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By Linda Grimm (reprinted with permission)
    There may be a few tricky aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but it isn't brain surgery. It can be done quickly, effectively and affordably. It also makes sense to be patient because while the work to do search engine optimization can be done quickly the SEO results take time.

    The suggestions in this article can make a huge difference in building an effective internet marketing campaign. If you're considering a SEO services company, these topics should be included in the discussion. The discussion can help you get the most out of your SEO investment.

    1. Remember that your site is meant for your customers. Make sure every step you take considers your customer's point of view. For example, dumping in a list of disjointed keywords will never work. If you design your pages to feature keywords that make sense from a contextual point of view then this works nicely. Use a conversational tone and always think, "What would my customers want to know?"

    2. Choose keywords carefully. It can be difficult to get good results with short, simple keywords particularly if many competitors are using them. A longer keyword phrase often is more effective. For example, the keyword phrase "house paint" may have competition from national, regional and local paint stores, painters, designers and decorators, paint supply rental companies, and so forth. A more focused keyword phrase such as "Montana residential paint contractor" likely would bring in better targeted traffic. An accurate look at the traffic generated by a given keyword is invaluable in determining which keywords make sense for your company.

    3. Use your keywords in programming your site. At a minimum, your site should reflect your chosen keywords in its html title, description and keyword tags.

    4. Evaluate your site for search engine positive and negative ranking factors. The list of ranking factors changes frequently - many in the SEO services business say the list changes daily. Ranking factors are the items search engines use to determine whether your site has quality content that users are seeking. They try to eliminate "spam" sites that do not contain quality content. You can find many lists of ranking factors by searching for "search engine ranking factors." Evaluating your site with the ranking factors in mind can be an enlightening experience.

    5. Include links from one page to another on your site. Link the page content to other pages that have more, related information. Also use a site map to link the pages. Internal linking helps the search engines find all of your pages. In the SEO services industry we call this "spidering" the site, and you want to be friendly to the spiders.

    6. Also, include links to your site from quality related sites. Abuse of linking strategies has caused the search engines to look at a website's linking strategy very carefully.

    Some don'ts include:

    • Don't use a linking service that will simply place links to your site from other websites without the link being contained within relevant content. Also, if the linking service does not use keyword phrases then avoid them. Get text links only with the text being a keyword phrase to achieve optimal results.

    • Don't significantly increase your incoming links over a short period of time. Google realizes that it takes time to get links so too many too quickly may result in a penalty.

    • Don't link with low-quality sites.

    • Don't link with other companies that are essentially identical to yours. For example, realtors have a habit of linking to each other. This is viewed as a negative factor by the search engine - a strategy they view as "spamming" the search engines.

    • Don't use images for you links. This may look nice but you will not get credit for the keyword phrase.

    Affordable SEO services for your website can be achieved either in-house by following these guidelines or by going to an SEO services provider with the above list. You can achieve SEO success effectively and affordably.

    Linda Grimm
    For Affordable SEO Services

    You have permission to publish this article free of charge either electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated. This article contains approximately 500 words.

    Printable Version: Affordable SEO Services (PDF).

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