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How To Get Back Links?

    Back links are links from other websites to your website. First off, let us state that in general it is not easy to get back links. It is even more difficult to get the right back links.

    What are the characteristics of a great back link?
    A great back link is made with keyword text.
    The keyword text will be in a paragraph on a page with relevant text. Relevant means that the keyword text is relevant to the paragraph and the page and paragraph text is relevant to your website.
    The page providing the link will be relatively high in the site. A link from a page that is deep down in the site is not worth very much. With this in mind if you can get a link from a home page (the highest page on the site), then this is super - difficult but super!
    The site will have some depth of content. If it is a one page mini-site then a link from this site will be less significant than a link from a site with 5 or 10 pages or more.
    There will not be too many links from the linking page to other sites. Pages just set up with links are not as valuable as pages with paragraph content with the links embedded into the paragraph.

    Now that we have defined the characteristics of a great back link how do you acquire them?

    The best way is to form a list of key collaborators or referral partners. These are people that know you and already work with you. They trust you.

    Call them up or send them an e-mail and let them know that you would like a link from their website to your website. Let them know that you would like a text link and tell them the exact text that you want them to use for the link. Discuss the possible location for this link. If they will allow you to provide a paragraph of text then this will make the link even better.

    Do not volunteer, but if you have to, then offer a link from your website back to their website. If you give out too many links then your site may suffer from back link bleeding and avoid this if possible.

    This approach requires some time and effort but it will be worth it. You will be getting back links and forming better relationships with your referral partners and collaborators.


    1. Develop a plan which defines the websites you will want links from. Select enough websites so that you can set up multiple links for multiple keyword phrases.
    2. Once you have this list of websites then decide on the keyword phrase that you want to use for the link and tie this to a specific website.
    3. Send a link request by e-mail to the site owner explaining what you want. Be specific. Also, say something nice about their site in the e-mail.
    4. Follow up with a phone call to cement the deal and ensure that the details of the email are carried out properly.
    5. Do not offer a link to any of the site owners unless you have to in order to receive a link back to your site. Avoid back link bleed.
    6. Keep track of the links received and thank the website owner.
    7. Monitor your search engine position as you gain back links.

    Next Step:

    If you would like Website Link Tactics to help you to get links into your website that are keyword-based and embedded in paragraphs with text related to your business then give us a call.

    We will be happy to discuss how linking can help boost up your position in the search engines and help to drive targeted traffic to your website.

    Also, you can simply fill out the form on our Inquiry Page and we will get back to you shortly.

    Printable Version: How To Get Back Links (PDF).

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