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Top Linking Tactics for Website Owners for 2012

    I know that the economy is still struggling and we all can dwell upon this and use it for an excuse (or two). However, we can also take action.

    We can get down to business and make 2012 our best year ever.

    Here are some tips that will help you to move up in search position and this will help you to have your best year ever. To have a top search engine position for a number of your important keyword phrases is a very important aspect of online business success.

    To get a top position it is almost a requirement to get links back into your website that are text links based on an important keyword phrase.

    Here are some tips on how to get these important back links into your website.
    1. Make a list of keyword phrases that are important to your business. Think about whether you would use these phrases to search for your business if you did not know that your business existed. If you feel that you are too close to your business to be able to judge this properly then ask some other people to help you build this keyword list.

    2. Make a list of all the people that you know that have websites. Take a look at their websites, one-by-one, and decide if their site would be an appropriate site to link to your site. Select sites that are complimentary to your business. Also, review these sites for quality. It is better to have a link from a high-quality website. Avoid getting links from a low quality website.

      Once you have a specific list then request a link from them. Request that the link be placed as high up in their site as possible. Request that the link be made with one of your specific keyword phrases (defined in step number 1) and request that the link be embedded in a paragraph that explains your business.

      By implementing steps one and two, you could easily get 10 to 20 in-coming links.

    3. Now you need to measure the position of your website and we recommend using Google to do this. You simply put the keyword phrase into the search field of Google and then look for your site. If you are not on the 1st page then do not worry or get frustrated. It takes a bit of time and if you are now on the 2nd or 3rd page then you are getting close.

      I want to stress that it is important to measure the results. If you do the work to get the links then you need to measure the results. You need to measure your position as a higher position in the search engines is the result that you want to achieve.

    4. To enhance the linking work you could also create some detailed content pages on your site that relate strongly to the keyword phrases that were defined in step number 1. This is not a necessary step but if you can get links using keyword phrases from other sites that link to specific pages on your site strongly related to the keyword phrase then you will get more credit from Google and this means higher position.

    5. Look for other opportunities to gain in-coming links. Here are some ideas:
      • Set up a Blog and Write Blog entries about your business and your industry. Keep it interesting and do not make the blog entries an all out sales pitch. Make the information very interesting to your blog readers. Each blog entry could have a link (or links) back to specific pages on your website. Google will see these links.

      • If you know of other Bloggers that may use your materials then ask them if you could submit materials to them and this would be a way to get links back to your site from other blogs. Be sure your materials are very interesting, well written and add value to the blog.

      • Submit your site to directories that list businesses such as yours. If you could get one directory listing per week then this would be 50+ additional links per year. This would pay off handsomely versus your competition over time.

      • Write articles and submit them to the big online article publishers. Each article could have a link back to your website. This will also provide you targeted traffic as the people reading your articles may then click on the link to your website. If they click on the link then they are already interested in what you have to say and do so this is a very valuable visitor.

      • Search the web for websites that provide links and that you feel are related to and/or complement your business. You should also decide whether your business would compliment their business. If you like their site and feel that a link from their site to your site would help both businesses then send them a nice e-mail complimenting their business and explaining how a link from their website to yours will add to their website. Then request a link from their site and define for them what keyword phrase to use and which page on your site that they should link to. If you are not sure then have them link to your home page.

    If you define a plan based on these ideas and stick to it then over time you will be able to gain many incoming links that are text based for a variety of important keyword phrases.

    You will be able to out-position your competition in Google and get traffic to your site that is targeted and based on the keyword phrases from your list. Targeted traffic is the most valuable traffic that you can receive.

    For 2012, we recommend that you place an emphasis on link building. Even if you have a respectable position now do not let your well-earned position slip. You should also make a strong effort to improve it. Become active and get involved. We recommend doing some of the work yourself as this will give you a greater understanding of how this works and how to move your site up in position.

    If you still need more links to get into the "sweet spot" on Google and the other major search engines then consider working with Website Link Tactics. We can set you up with many links using all your important keyword phrases from multiple website and these links will be embedded in paragraphs about your business.

    A linking strategy should be high on your list of business development programs for 2012. Get people to come to your website ready to buy or ready to learn more about your business. Forget about the poor economy. Do something positive about it by moving your website up in search position versus your online competition.

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