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What's All the Buzz about Link Popularity?

    Search Optimization Experts are talking about link popularity non-stop these days.

    What's the big deal you ask?

    Link popularity is essentially a way of describing how popular your website is. It is based on the number of links from other site to your site. In reality it is a bit more complicated than that but to give you a sense of what all the buzz is about this simple description is sufficient.

    To acquire links from other websites to your website is a "must do" promotional activity. It is vital because link popularity is a main part of the criteria that the search engines use to make a judgment about where to position your website in the long list of websites in their indexes.

    If you want to be at a higher position in the in the search engines than your competitors then to move up in link popularity is a must.
    You need to optimize your site but you also need to show that your site is valuable to searchers and you do this by pushing up your link popularity.
    If you website is visible in the search engines then it is visible to the search engine's users and these people are your probable customers.
    We want to say a bit more about the quality and depth of content on your site. If you approach the owner of another website and request a link then the owner of the other website will visit your site and make a judgment about the quality of your site. If your site is poorly set up or has little quality content then your request may be rejected.

    This is why the search engines, particularly Google, pay so much attention to link popularity. If many sites link to yours then Google realizes that many website owners have visited your site and that they have made a judgment about your site. If many sites link to your website then Google reasons that your site must be a good one and places your site higher in its index.

    Google, in a sense, is using the judgment of others to make a decision about where to rank your website.


    1. Lay the groundwork. Build a site that is well designed with depth and variety of quality content.
    2. Get links from quality sites that have content that meshes with the content on your site.
    3. Get text links that are made with important keywords for your business.
    4. Be patient. In fact do not get too many links too quickly. Build your links over time.
    5. The best links are keyword-rich text links from websites that have content that aligns with the content on your website.
    6. Get links from as high up in the site as possible.

    Next Step:

    If you would like Website Link Tactics to help you to get links into your website that are keyword-based and embedded in paragraphs with text related to your business then give us a call.

    We will be happy to discuss how linking can help boost up your position in the search engines and help to drive targeted traffic to your website.

    Also, you can simply fill out the form on our Inquiry Page and we will get back to you shortly.

    Printable Version: What's All the Buzz about Link Popularity? (PDF).

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